PNG’s Nicholas Kirriwom sworn in as judge to Nauru Appeals Court

The Nauru judiciary welcomed Nicholas Kirriwom as the newest judge to the Nauru Appeals Court in a swearing in ceremony at the Cabinet room today, Friday 9 November.

Judge Kirriwom hails from Papua New Guinea and brings with him a wealth of experience and knowledge and is timely for the work and establishment of the Appeals Court.

In introducing Mr Kirriwom, Chief Justice Filimone Jitoko highlighted Justice Kirriwom’s extensive legal background and legal career which began in 1978 as a legal officer in his native PNG, adding that Judge Kirriwom was proposed to Nauru by PNG’s Chief Justice and is the third most senior on a bench of 44 judges on the Supreme Court and national court of PNG.

“Of particular importance to me and to our judiciary is the justice’s expertise as past chair of committee relating to case management, IT matters and case file matters. And I’m hoping that in time he’ll share some of his knowledge and expertise on those areas for the benefit of our court,” the CJ said.

Placing his right hand on the Bible Justice Kirriwom took the oath that he will “be faithful and bear true allegiance to the Republic of Nauru and I will obey, observe, uphold and maintain the Constitution and all other laws of the Republic of Nauru.”

Judge Kirriwom and His Excellency President Baron Waqa then signed the document paper certifying the appointment.

In response Judge Kirriwom thanked President Waqa and conveyed the deep honour he feels for being appointed to the position of judge in Nauru’s court.

“It’s a great honour for me to have taken the oath of office and loyalty to serve the people of Nauru as a judge of the newly established Court of Appeal and to serve in accordance with the country’s Constitution and the rule of law,” Mr Kirriwom said.

President Waqa acknowledged the unique relationship Nauru and Papua New Guinea share in the region dating back the administration of both countries by Australia, and the ongoing close ties both countries have with Australia.

President Waqa also highlighted the engagement of Papua New Guinean’s to work in the phosphate mines in the very early days of mining, as well as ongoing training in education and nursing for Nauruans.

Judge Kirriwom was accompanied by a team to assist with the new Appeals Court. The team consist of PNG’s registrar of the PNG court, director of court reporting service and technical officer who would ensure that the court reporting service operates efficiently.


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