Nauru police recruit seals spot, ready to go home

After six months of being away from home, Scott Pulvera is counting down the days to reunite with his family.

Pulvera was one of five officers under the Nauru Police Force to undergo the Basic Recruitment Training in Suva this year.

He said he was overjoyed after yesterday's pass-out parade at the Nasova grounds.

A timely occasion for the 21-year-old as he considered his return home as the perfect Christmas gift for his family.

He said he has sealed his spot with the Nauru Police Force which is what he had come to Fiji to achieve.

“Ever since I was a boy, I didn't expect this would be real. I didn't know I would be chosen to be here,” he said.

“It was a challenge as I was afraid of being alone. I have never left my family before and this was the first time for me to do so.”

The new members of the Nauru Police Force will be making their way back to Nauru on Friday.


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