Nauru holds three-day law conference organised by department of justice

In his opening remarks Thursday, President Baron Waqa challenged young Nauruans to consider their role in national development.

He said that “The topics of the conference program make it obvious that we will need more professionals in a range of disciplines including but not limited to the law, ocean science, governance and human rights.”

The President encouraged more Nauruans to take up legal studies and assume positions of leadership in the Justice Department.

In welcoming participants, the Secretary of Justice Mr Graham Leung noted that the objective of the conference was to stimulate discussions on topical issues of relevance to the country.

The conference attracted six overseas experts in ships registry, governance and commercial law with speakers from Singapore, Melbourne , Sydney, Vancouver and Suva.

Amongst the topics being discussed are money laundering, deep seabed mining, disability rights and humanitarian law.

More than 40 participants registered for the conference which was held at the Civic Centre.

Also present at the opening were the Speaker of Parliament Cyril Buramen, members of the Cabinet as well as heads of government departments.

Mr Leung said that he hoped that the conference could be an annual event which would attract lawyers from the central and northern Pacific.

“There is great potential for Nauru in conference tourism.  Our strategic location makes us well positioned and convenient to reach. We now have excellent facilities and have proven with our successful hosting of the Forum that Nauru is capable of hosting large events,” Mr Leung said.


Photo supplied. Caption: Nauru President Baron Waqa, (seated 5th from right) with some of the participants of the law conference