Nauru Health website launched

The Government of Nauru in partnership with Nauru Health, has launched the country’s first website that will provide in-depth information about all departments of the RON Hospital and other available public health services.

The website reflects the increased standard of health and medical services across the island as a result of the Waqa Government’s initiatives over the past six years, with Nauru’s hospital now considered one of the leading facilities in the Pacific.

People can now access up to date information that includes opening hours, patient preparation for hospital visits and appointments, tips for preventing illness, news, and job opportunities within the health system.

Minister for Health Hon. Charmaine Scotty said the portal showcases the huge advances in health, which has been a priority for the government.

“Nauru’s health system has improved immensely and is now thriving, with modern facilities, state of the art equipment, and leading Pacific, international and local medical staff.”

She said the Republic of Nauru Hospital underwent an extensive upgrade in 2016, bringing it up to international standards, complemented by a public health centre in Denig which provides services that extend to the community through a public health mobile service.

“The goal of all at Nauru Health is to promote health and disease prevention, serve the people of Nauru and all who are on our island, care about every person individually, and bring life, good health, healing and comfort,” she explained.

“Nauru Health is so excited to be a part of educating citizens and residents on how to handle sickness, but also how to prevent illness and live their best, healthy lives.”

The Waqa Government has transformed the nation in the areas of health, education and the economy, and Minister Scotty said progress doesn’t come by accident.

“We have worked hard to ensure that the Nauruan people get the benefits of a well-managed economy through increased income, security and services, and we invite everyone to view the health website and take advantage of the services available, so we can secure a healthy future for all.”

The website will be regularly updated and can be viewed at


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