Nauru Government refutes reports of deportation of Australian doctor

The Nauru Government says reports in sections of the Australian media Wednesday claiming an Australian doctor was deported from Nauru are false.

According to a statement released by the Government, the doctor was briefly questioned by police but released without charge after photos were taken of a child without authorisation at the regional processing centre.”

“Under the Asylum Seekers (Regional Processing Centre) Act 2012, photographing of a protected person is an offence whether inside or outside the centre. There is also a long-standing expressed centre rule which forbids the taking of any photographs within the regional processing centre unless it is authorized,” the statement said.

“There was no removal order issued against the doctor nor was the doctor deported from the island as reported in media.”

The Nauru Government said it is regrettable that this occurred as the doctor has been an integral part of the medical services.

“The Government was not aware that the doctor left the island yesterday. The doctor has a valid visa and a right to practice medicine on the island and we welcome the doctor back on the island as her services are needed,” the statement said.


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