Nauru Electoral Commission assists school with perfects elections

Nauru Secondary School held elections for its prefects under the guidance of the Nauru Electoral Commission.

The NEC used Nauru’s election and counting system to select the school’s nominated candidates and determine their 2020 Prefects.

There were seven seats for each of the boys’ and girls’ categories, a total of 14 seats to be won.

Registered students from all levels were eligible to cast their vote for both categories.

A total of 325 votes in each category were cast which is a good turnout.

Leading up to the Prefect Elections, the NEC team held information and training sessions for all students, showing how polling and counting is conducted during General and By-Elections.

Students were given the chance to work as polling and counting staff during the Prefect Elections and training and information sessions were conducted for them.

It was a successful event with students enjoying their learning experience as voters and as elections officials.


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