Nauru declares National Emergency for Management and Minimisation of coronavirus impact

The President of Nauru, Lionel Aingimea has announced a Declaration of National Emergency for the Management and Minimisation of the impact of "Coronavirus" (CORVID-19).

In a televised speech Monday, President Aingimea said declaration was made following advice from Cabinet and the Council.

In a national address over the weekend, he also said the Government is taking every step possible to ensure the protection of its people against the coronavirus.

President Aingimea said a quarantine area is being set up at public health.

“You will see lots of work happening there. We have toured certain areas at topside to see if there are places there feasible for quarantine purposes.”

The Government has also put in body scanners at the airport.

The body scanners were donated by Taiwan and Malaysia.

“We also thank Australia for assisting us in our preparation to meet the threat of coronavirus,” Mr Aingimea said.

He added that plans have been stood up to ensure that Government agencies are sufficiently equipped and staffed to deal with any potential case of coronavirus.

“Leading these efforts is the Department of Health which has put into effect all measures necessary for our safety.”

There are no confirmed cases of coronavirus in Nauru as of now.