Nauru Chiefs will be a competitive team at International Cup

The Nauru Chiefs are confident that they will be a competitive team at the AFL International Cup that will be held in Melbourne, Australia from August 5-19.

AFL Nauru President Mathew Batsiua said they have been competitive at every international cup tournaments since they entered the tournament in 2008 so they are expecting to go well and be in contention.

Batsiua said the structure of the 2017 tournament is different now with two divisions, so they are pitted against top ten ranked teams in the world.

“So there is really no place to hide as each game will be super competitive.

“But we won’t want it any other way. We want to play against the best because we belong with the best.

“We are confident and we can give the top four a real shake,” Batsiua said.

He said the whole of Nauru treats the AFL as the favourite sport and everyone is following the progress of the team and they are 100% behind the team.

“For a small country like Nauru winning the tournament will be unbelievable and could be a public holiday for the country if it happens,” he added.

Batsiua said the team has been training since May to build up their cohesion and unity.

“Now the team spirit and morale is high which has been great and sets up the team for a great tournament ahead,” he said.



Photo by AFL Nauru. Caption" Nauru Chiefs with their jerseys ahead of the International Cup  


Charles Kadamana