Australia grants travel exemption for Nauruans requiring critical medical care

The Nauru Government is pleased with the breakthrough in medical referrals to Australia during the closure of borders as a result of the global COVID-19 pandemic.

The Australian Government has granted exemption to Nauruans requiring urgent critical medical care to enter Australia for treatment.

The positive development was followed by news of the breakdown in negotiations with the Fiji Government to allow Nauru Airlines entry to operate a repatriation flight for Nauruan students and other Nauruans.

One flight was allowed on 9 April but subsequent requests by the Nauru Government to permit Nauru Airlines entry into Fiji were unsuccessful.

According to the Nauru Bulletin issued by the Government, the Fiji Government instead proposed their national carrier, Fiji Airways to service the charter.

The Nauru Government said it is reviewing repatriation options.

There are over 100 Nauruan students, with families studying in Fiji at various levels from primary through to tertiary.


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