Nauru commemorates 48th Independence Day

Nauru is celebrating its 48th Independence Day on January 31, 2016.

The slogan for the event is ‘Nauru Bwiema. A host of events have been held over the week to commemorate Independence Day as well as the 70th anniversary of the return from Chuuk. The steering committee has released the official programme for celebrations


25th Jan – 1st Feb (Mon-Mon) 4:00pm – Fishing Competition

(Organised by NFMRA)

29th Jan (Fri) – Bingo Bonanza

(Organised by Virgita Roland)

30thJan (Sat) – Talent Show for Miss Nauru 2016 contestants

(Organised by Joanna Olsson)

31stJan (Sun)

Official Opening (Nauru Congregational Church) – 10:15am

(Organised by Congregational Church Council)

Arrival of new Aircraft – 2:30pm

1stFeb (Mon)                   

Flag Raising Ceremony

March Past

State Function


2nd Feb (Tue) – Tribal Choral Competition

Venue: Centennial Hall(Organised by Joy Heine & Mary Tebouwa)

3rd Feb (Wed)–Nauru Youth Talent Show

Venue: Centennial Hall(Organised by Youth Affairs)


4th Feb (Thu) – Miss Nauru Eita Dabug Beauty Pageant

Venue: Centennial Hall

(Organised by Joanna Olsson)

5th Feb (Fri) – School Children Drama‘THE RETURN FROM CHUUK’

Venue: Centennial Hall

(Organised by the Department of Education, Sharon Kam)

6thFeb (Sat)

Float Parade (around the island PEPOI)

Starting Point : Aces Oval (Clockwise)

Time : 8:00am

(Organised by Mary Dowiyogo/Junko Grundler/Ima Dowedia)

District Clean Up Competition

(Organised by NRC – Elka Buraman)

Traditional Nauruan Village, Community


(Organised by Mary Dowiyogo/Junko Grundler/Ima Dowedia)

                                b)  Battle of the Sound

                                     (Organised by Vyko Adeang)


7th Feb (Sun) – Closing Church Service

Venue: Christ the King Catholic Church – Arubo

(Organised by Cecilia Giouba on behalf of the Catholic Church Council)


Government of Nauru