The Latest: EU plans new emergency meeting on migrant crisis

The European Union will hold an extra meeting of justice and interior ministers next week to seek progress on how to relocate some 120,000 refugees among its members.

Tuesday's decision for the Sep. 22 meeting came in the wake of inconclusive meeting of interior ministers Monday where at least four eastern nations objected to the quota proposals to spread the refugees from Italy, Greece and Hungary across 22 other EU nations.

The EU is also considering a possible summit of all 28 EU leaders next week to assess the migration crisis.

Meanwhile, the chief of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies says European countries are misguided if they think erecting fences will help solve the continent's immigration crisis.

Fresh from a trip to Hungary, Elhadj As Sy told The Associated Press on Tuesday that "we know throughout history that fences will never be a solution to anything."

Hungary has put up a fence with razor wire along its border with Serbia to block an influx of people — many from war-torn Syria — heading to the European Union. The IFRC secretary-general said he hoped European "solidarity will prevail" to help the arriving masses.