Former Nauru President collapses

A former Nauru President, who has been denied access to overseas medical care, is in the island's hospital after collapsing.

Sprent Dabwido, who had his passport confiscated in August, just as he was set to depart for Australia to see a cardiologist, collapsed at Nauru hospital on Wednesday.

Mr Dabwido, who had served as an MP for 12 years, including two as president, is one of a number of now former MPs who had opposed the actions of the government and this is believed to have led to the cancellation of his passport.

A colleague Mathew Batsiua, who is another former MP, said the government must relent and let Mr Dabwido get the treatment he needs.

"Apart from being a public servant in very high office, he is first and foremost a Nauruan, and he should be treated equally by the Government," he said.

"He is entitled for certain programmes that he can access, so he can receive his medical treatment - he should be given those and not be targeted and victimised because of political differences in the past.

Photo: UN Photo/J Carrier